Get postie to run on WordPress 2.1!

Go through the files in your postie directory located in your plugins directory and look for “!TestWPVersion”.  You should find 3 or 4 files with this.  In the ‘if’ logic comment out the quit() method.  This can be done by putting ‘//’ in front of quit (without quotes).

If you edited every file it should work fine!

I love my Treo…

I use my Treo 700wx for everything!

  • I have push email with Exchange
  • FTP access
  • I can post pictures/vids to my blogs
  • GPS abilities
  • Access to my Slingbox!
  • Browser
  • RSS reader
  • XM Radio Online access
  • Up to date weather
  • Real time traffic info

I have had this device for months now but I us it for so much. I could never go back to “just a phone” 🙂


PS3 Blue-Ray DVD remote

I’ve been looking for this in stores for about a week and tonight I bought the last one at the local Best Buy store for $24.99.
There are other solutions out there where you can get the USB PS2 adapter and the PS2 remote to work on the PS3 but I didn’t want to miss out on any BD functionality. This remote uses Bluetooth which is cool and irritatating since I can not use my big Sony learning remote. This remote is extremely light just like the PS3 controllers.

I apologize for the bad pictures. I was lazy and used my Treo to take them and make this post 🙂
I look forward to having complete control over my BD experience!