PS3 and the folding project…


Sony has bragged for a while about the power of their cell processor in the PS3.  Well, it’s really showing it’s power with the Folding Project from Stanford.  If you don’t know anything about this project take a moment to read about it here.  It’s really amazing what can be achieved with this technology – cures for cancer, parkinson’s, etc.

Have a look at the stats page to see just how much more the PS3’s are doing that all the personal computers out there!  Don, Sam and I are on a team for fun, there are a lot of them out there for Engadget, Joystiq and other communities but Don started one to honor his Wife’s Aunt which is a good team for me to be on 🙂

The stat that really got me in all of this was:

It’s amazing that not only do proteins self-assemble — fold — but they do so amazingly quickly: some as fast as a millionth of a second. While this time is very fast on a person’s timescale, it’s remarkably long for computers to simulate.

In fact, it takes about a day to simulate a nanosecond (1/1,000,000,000 of a second).”

Now that’s a lot of calculations!!   If you have a PS3 run it overnight for a good cause!


Tunnel VNC via SSH on Windows Mobile!

Oh man, this is sweet! I was searching for a package that would allow me to run VNC over ssh on my Treo 700wx. Well, I found it! Mocha software has a product ( that does the ssh connection and renders the VNC session all in one package. I tested it out this morning, it runs very well over EV-DO. It’s $20 for a license with all upgrades included. Needless to say, they already have my $20.

I use this software mainly to control my XM PCR (XM Radio) remotely so I can stream it to my Treo via shoutcast!

Here is the initial setup screen. You use your private IP of the VNC server and put in your pass. To use the SSH tunnel check the box for SSH2.


This is the SSH config. Put in your DNS or IP, port, user/pass for your SSH server here. Then hit OK.


Click OK to connect, you will see a status like this.


If done correctly, you should be in! There are three different zoom levels and the “hand” allows you to move around which I like better than the scrollbars as that just wastes space. There are also shortcuts for ctl+alt+del and other F keys.




Pretty sweet huh?? 🙂

I finally found Blu-Ray & HD-DVD at Blockbuster!

Five of the six local BB stores near me don’t carry either HD format. So, when I found that the Eagan store off of Cliff had both I was a very happy dude.
I currently have a very good deal through where I get two online rentals, two in store swaps and one coupon for another movie/game all for $5.99. That’s five movies or four movies and a game each month for $6! All in HD goodness 🙂


I bought a pink DS Lite!

Well, for Carolyn anyhow 🙂

I’ve had my DS for a while now and Carolyn would steal it from me from time to time to play good old Mario Bros, Mario Kart, etc. With all the great franchise titles and the game sharing feature we can now play each other in Mario Bros, Tetris, Clubhouse Games, Mario Kart and Bomberman each with only having one cartridge! The other benefit is that Elizabeth will hopefully be able to start dabbling in games for rides up to the cabin this next year.

Carolyn and I used to play against each other all the time when we were dating on the N64.  It brings back some of that fun competition 🙂