Sling Player works on my CDMA Blackberry, why won’t Sling support it?

I have used the Sling Player software on my Blackberry Curve and now the Blackberry Tour. For some reason, Slingmedia does not support CDMA devices with their software. Sling, what’s the problem???

For those looking for links can be found here and is found here. Many have reported on Crackberry forums that performs better than


Wi-Fi on the plane rocks!

I am flying home from Atlanta and hooked up to the Go-Go Wi-Fi service offered on some Delta flights. After checking my work email, personal email, texting Carolyn through Google Voice, and finishing some homework I have been enjoying ESPN via my Slingbox. Too cool! BTW, I was listening to streaming Slacker while I was doing everything prior to the Slingbox.

This is the way to fly!!!