Loving my XM INNO

I’ve been an XM subscriber since August of 2003. In that time I have owned many different XM models. My latest one is the Pioneer INNO. It’s a nice and small device that I can carry in my pocket between work and the car. I even bought an arm band for when I do yard work and go biking. This keeps the unit high enough to get reception so I don’t block the signal as I would with it on my belt.

I can store 50 hours of XM content or even split that and include MP3 storage. I can schedule recordings or simply record a single song that I like.

Overall, I am very pleased with this new unit and have went from three radios to two for the simple fact that it’s so portable. I also have two car kits for each of our cars. Before I had units in each vehicle. This is nice because it cuts down on my subscription costs.
Rock on 🙂