Another “not surprised” about a Packer fan thing…

Man Creates One-of-a-Kind Packers Party House
An Atlanta businessman has created a one-of-a-kind Packers party house right across from Lambeau Field. Michael Holton says he is simply fulfilling a dream. “Some people have beach houses, some people have mountain houses, I have a Packer house,” said Michael Holton, Packer fan.
And what a house it is. Last year, Michael and his wife bought this home along Lombardi Avenue, directly across from the stadium. They hired a builder, who gutted the house, and transformed it into the ultimate pre-game house with a spectacular view of the stadium. The garage roof became a party deck. The patio has a “G” etched in the concrete. Inside, all the amenities. “Designed by men, for men,” said Holton. “It is specifically to enjoy game day and the days leading up to game day.”
Born and raised a Packer fan in Milwaukee, Michael and his family will travel to Green Bay on the weekends the Packers play at home and open up their home to friends and relatives. He plans to use his vacation house about as much as most other people use theirs. “I’m not doing this as an investment, as any kind of commercial benefit or financial benefit,” said Holton. “This is truly a spot that we’ve picked to enjoy the Packer atmosphere.” Michael hopes his dream home doesn’t start a trend though, in which other homes in the neighborhood are sold and turned into party houses. “If somebody want to sell out to somebody as moronic as I am, that’s fine, but I just like the neighbors, like the people here,” said Holton. “I welcome all of them to come over and have a beer with me on Packer day and get to know each other a little bit.” Safe to say a new era in tailgating along Lombardi Avenue kicks off Sunday. “It’s the hallowed grounds and to be so close is pretty special,” said Holton.








Rock Band at Best Buy Eagan

Sammy and I play the game in this video.  Pretty boring to watch as we’re not too emotional but it’s pretty fun.  I don’t like the design of the ‘bars’ to play with as the ‘circles’ that are used in Guitar Hero seem bigger and more friendly.  I found myself really trying to time it more with the bars because they are so small.  As for the drums, they are a lot of fun.  I don’t like the noise they make when you hit them.  I think it could have been a little less noisy.  Nobody was willing to sing for us.  We had a little crowd of BBY employees watching us suck it up 🙂

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A mini review of the hardware.  The neck is pretty flimsy.  I don’t know what caused it but there was vibration in the guitar at one point.  There is a switch on the guitar which switches modes on the “whammy bar”.  It looks nicer than the GH guitars but I like the build of my GH3 better than this one.  The strumming switch has no click to it, it’s very smooth.  We both liked the thought of it before we played but after playing we agree that we didn’t like the feel.

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Having fun with Halo 3

A few of us grown up kids went and got our Legendary Halo 3 on the midnight release 🙂 The campaign was fun at times with the multiplayer mode, the ending was lame though. Online I’ve been having a blast. I played some custom games the other night with my bro and his buddies. That was a lot of fun.
The really cool feature and probably really ignored by many is the online community at You can take screen shots of your games, take videos of your games (this is limited to viewing on the 360) and share them with friends online or their 360. My friends and I will usually send each other pictures of each other getting blown up, etc. It adds to the trash talking which is always fun!

I think between Halo 3, Gears and GH3 coming soon I should be set for the winter!

Click on any of these below pictures for the full 1080 res.  The pictures look great.

Here is one where a guy and I traded grenades.  This was on a custom game that was a lot of fun.  The only way to score points was to “stick” someone with a grenade.  You would lose points if you killed yourself with your grenade though.  Whomever got to 25 points first won.


A great shot of my character 🙂


I was proudly smiling from the grave here.  I’m the one on the ground but he’s got a little something stuck in his head from before I went down 🙂

smiling from the grave.jpg