Second day at Hendrick Motorsports

Today we got to go on a full tour of the campus. It included the engine shop and the body shop. They would not allow pictures in either of these areas though 🙁 It’s amazing that they manufacture all of the parts for their engines with exception of the block which is supplied by Chevy and then further modified. The machines that make the parts from a block of steal really pretty awesome! I learned a lot about the sponsorships and other goofy facts. For example, the in car camera equipment weighs 70 pounds!!

Notice the picture of Jeff Gordon’s Vegas car (missing the front end)

A night at the Hendrick’s Facility

I spent the night in the ‘shop’ for Casey Mears and Earnhardt Jr. in Charlotte, NC.  What a treat!  I’m a casual Nascar fan, I watch the races on Sunday when I can.  I definitely have a better appreciation for Nascar now.  We started out looking at the new shiny car bodies and then learned that both drivers cars were back in the shop last night.  I have plenty of pictures of those two cars.  Checkout the damage on some of the pictures in the gallery.  Dale was hugging the wall a couple of times from the look of it 🙂

I hope to get more access tomorrow to see Jeff Gordon’s shop and also Jimmie Johnson’s.  I’ll continue to take pictures!

God of War: Chains of Olympus – PSP – Updated

I started playing this game tonight and I must say, for a PSP game it is top notch.

I’m only about 40 minutes in but the action is non-stop and a lot of fun. I’m usually not a ‘slasher’ game type fan but I do like the mystic history of the Spartans and the Persians.

One interesting encounter was a room with two women, you could ‘take care’ of them and get more XP. I was pretty surprised by the detail in the initial scene although they don’t show any of the deed taking place.

My timing of the buttons in sequence is really horrible at this point so I’m riding it out in easy mode right now. I look forward to finishing this soon and raising the difficulty for a bigger challenge.


**I finished this game on Saturday. I really had fun with this one, I don’t play many single player off-line games so for me to go through this and finish it says something. It has a nice setup for GOW 3 for the PS3 at the end 🙂 I will look forward to the new high-def version.

Get your wires under control

I found this to be a great article

Here’s a summary:

10. ID Your Plugs with Labels

9. Shorten Lengthy Cords with DIY Wrappers

8. Tie ‘Em Up with Reusable Millepede Cable Ties

7. Build Your Own Cable-Hiding Charging Station

6. Hide Cables with Foam Pipe Insulation

5. Store Extension Cords Tangle-Free in a Paper Towel Tube

4. Master the Art of Earbud Cord-Wrapping

3. Catch Plugs with a Binder Clip

2. Get Under-Desk Cables Off the Floor with a Wire Basket

1. Mount Your Gadgets to a Pegboard

See all the images and detail descriptions, including some video here.

What a battle!

Eric and I played a couple of games of EOJ tonight. The first game was pretty casual, nothing too special and I managed to win.

The second game would be a different story though. It started out pretty normal but we were unusually taking each others guys out. Our ‘burn piles’ were stacking up quickly. Eric ended up having me in check twice. I ended up getting out of that mess by laying down the “Seer Vizak’s Calamity” card which flipped every element on the board. This killed a guy for each of us and really weakened the guys that he had me in check with. I was able to wipe out a couple more of his characters and then he laid down two water element cards which were very elusive. I couldn’t hit them with a normal attack and needed some magic.

So, I saved up my Mana and with a smirk on my face I placed down the “Sciondar Fire God” for 9 Mana. Well, I learned tonight that a comment on the card “Destroy Sciondar Fire God if he is on a Biolith Field” was bad news!! I placed him on the Biolith field thinking there was some sort of bonus if he killed this guy but soon found that I died right away!! All that Mana and a stud card down the drain 🙁

I found myself without anymore magic in my deck. I managed to drag out the game for another 8 turns or so until Eric put the finishing moves on me.

I was left with two cards in my hand and only six cards left in my deck if that gives you an idea of the length of this game. After one hour and ten minutes it was over. Eric won.

Nice job Eric!! Notice in the picture that we went 40 turns!! Wow!!

If you have a PS3 I would highly suggest this game. I’ve never been a card game type besides poker but this is a lot of fun!!