Garnett wins a championship!

It took a few years and a jersey change but Kevin Garnett aka “Da Kid” and later “The Big Ticket” is a champion. I’ve had Twolves tickets for eight seasons and always have enjoyed watching him play. In the early years with KG and Steph, my Dad and I would stay up late and pace in the basement in the forth quarter hoping for a win he has always played hard and I never saw him take plays off. I was sad to see him go but happy for him to move on last year.

Even though he’s no longer a Wolf, I was still pumped to see him pull it off!!

I found this bizarre…

I’m installing MGS4 on my PS3 which takes about 8 minutes and Solid Snake is chain smoking during the install.
I know this is supposed to be an adult targeted game but thought this wasn’t the best use of an install animation.
I must be getting old to care about this 🙂