Looking for friends in purple? Look no further than PurplePride.org!!

I was given two tickets to the Panthers vs Vikings game and invited Brian along but didn’t want to show up at 11:30 like I had always done in the past.  I wanted to do some tailgating!!

I searched on Vikings.com and found that there really isn’t a way for single game fans to get a tailgating spot.  So, I searched good old Google and found this post from a couple of weeks ago..


Where a guy named NodakPaul invited a complete stranger to come hang out with the gang from PurplePride.org.  I figured that I would register on the site and give it a shot myself.  I posted out on PPO and within an hour or two I received a message from Steve inviting me to come on and hang out.  He offered directions to their tent and even his cell number.  We exchanged some text messages getting some clarification on when they start and a couple of other details.  BTW, they start at about 6AM!!

Brian and I met at one of the lots by the MOA to catch the light rail at 9, we were at the Dome at about 9:40 with cooler in hand.  Then hospitality tent was right where Steve suggested it would be.  We walked up, I must say that I felt a little ackward walking up to a bunch of strangers hoping they would let us “take us in”.  A couple of guys looked over and said, “hi”.  One said, “who are you”.  I explained that Steve had invited me and that I had posted on the site just the day before.  One of the guys yells out, “here’s the new guy that registered yesterday!”.  Brian and I had a half a dozen hands extended out to greet us.  Too cool!!

I was thrown for a loop as everyone introduced themselves as Zeus, NodakPaul, Webbie, etc.  I didn’t know what that was all about and then it clicked, that was their forum nicknames.

I commented to Brian many times through the experience that it was just AWESOME that we were welcomed with such open arms.  My wife Carolyn thought I was weird because I was just going to go hang out with a bunch of strangers 🙂

We worked through the crown and met a gal named WildFan, Zeus, Jason, some Swedish dude that was violated by some bachlorette party girls, Webby (the grand master) and many others.  I’m sorry I don’t remember all the names as I had a few beverages in me!

We had pictures taken with Chuck Foreman, Ragnar and PPO folks.

We witnessed a drivable keg mobile, motorized blender, a great band that walked through and the best was Zeus doing his weekly sermon about the Purple Jesus (a name that we were told Mr. Peterson isn’t too fond of) which was hilarious.  I only wish I had gotten video of that 🙂

So, if you’re looking for a great bunch of folks to hang out with before the game, look for PPO!!!

Thanks again gang, I hope to at least come to a couple of games a year and hang out.  Brian and I have given some thought to season tickets, we’ll see how that goes over with the wives!!

Oh yeah, the Vikes also won which was nice for a change 🙂

I’m back – that was quick!

After two weeks on Gmail for my domain I couldn’t take it anymore on my Treo 800w.  I am back on Exchange.  While running OggSync was fine for calendar and contact integration, I just wasn’t happy with my email solution.  I tried Flexmail and Push Effect.  For some reason Flexmail seems pretty slow on Gmail and was a resource hog on my phone.  When I would get frustrated with that I would move to pocket outlook using Push Effect but the delay in SMS messages was far from push email.  I would also miss email alerts for some reason.

I ended up finding a hosted Exchange solution for cheap and am happy with it.  I just hope that it goes on for years :)  The next move I may make would be an Andriod phone using Gmail for my domain.  I imagine they will have a ActiveSync like integration.  Until there is something like it, I am not going to make this move again!!

Made the move…

I recently decided to move from an Exchange solution for my email to Google Apps (Gmail for my domain). I’ve had to sacrifice the luxuries of complete Outlook integration and more importantly Exchange ActiveSync. While these were hurdles for me, now that I’ve put in the work I’m pretty happy.

I am using OggSync to sync my calendar and contacts to my Treo 800w and I use FlexMail for IMAP IDLE push email on my Treo.  I also use OggSync on my work PC to sync my work calendar to a ‘Work’ Gmail calendar so that I always have an up to date work calendar on my Treo which is handy on a busy day.

I love Gmails spam filtering and the public calendars for all Minnesota sports. :)  Carolyn and I are able to share a ‘kids’ calendar to keep up on events in our household and I also stopped using IM software years back but am enjoying keeping in touch with my bro Stan in Kuwait and even Carolyn when I’m at work.

I’ve decided not to use a client side mail application on my PC’s or laptop and just use straight up Gmail.
There are other maturing technology solutions out there for me such as GooSync and Nuevasync (this looks very promising). For now I appear to be set.