Moved on to the Touch Pro

After using Treo’s for years and most recently an 800w for about six month and dealing with it’s numberous problems I decided on a change.  I decided on the Touch Pro.  I will admit, it was a transition from my front facing keyboard that I’ve had for years.  After two days I went back to the 800w and then a couple days later moved back to the Touch Pro and haven’t looked back.

I’ve had HTC devices before at work and always liked the quality of them, the parts and the phone are pretty darn nice!  The small things like having the stylus pulled out waking up the device is a great feature.

One frustration that I HAD was that I was answering the phone a lot in my pocket.  I used a great little app called “slide to unlock” (info here).  The communities on xda-developers and PPCgeeks have been great.  I have used a couple of hacks from there including disabling the SMS Sent notification and enabling the capability of forcing the phone to roam which is very handy when at the cabin.

The screen on this device is amazing!!  I feel that I can take advantage of so much more software with the extra real estate.  I have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, EV-DO Rev A, etc.  I can run Skype over Wi-Fi or EV-DO without issue, my Slingbox runs great and the YouTube client is fun.  I don’t us my phones as a MP3 player but streaming XM with C-ApiSRO which works on both Sirius and XM.

When it came down to waiting for the Treo Pro and hoping that it would fix the problems of the 800w I decided not to wait for such a little ‘upgrade’ if it could even be considered and upgrade.  Feature for feature on the 800w vs the Treo Pro is pretty much a wash.  I’ve gained so much more with the Touch Pro!!

Wow! Quite the turnout today.

This is the thrd time for me voting in our precinct. The past two elections I’ve come early at 6:45AM and have always been one of the first 20 people. Well not this time, I was lucky to be in the first 100.
This election is truly bringing out the voters. In the past the media has suggested this but this is the first time I have really noticed it.
Note, the picture doesn’t do justice to how many cars are here. I don’t have a wide enough angle lens 🙂