MotorStorm – Little Big Planet style!!

I haven’t played this game in weeks and so tonight I pop it in to find what new cool creations were out there.  I decided on the monster truck (how can you skip it!!) and off I was racing through the level.  I was laughing to myself as I was bouncing through the track much like the real game.  Too much fun!!

I even got to try out the paint gun in one of the levels which is a lot of fun.  If you haven’t given this game a shot, you’re missing out!!

Google Latitude, too cool!!

A few friends and I have been having fun keeping an eye on each other 🙂 This technology is just too cool. My director and I had a conversation on how an airline could use it to judge where a customer was and potentially rebook a flight if a customer was not close enough. It turns out that there are no API’s for Latitude unfortunately.



Big Ten match-up

Thanks to Jim, there is over a dozen of us from work at the Gopher’s game tonight. Always a good time!

The Gopher’s have been struggling lately but managed to pull away with a win.  It was a special night at the “Barn” as Trent Tucker’s jersey was retired.  It was fun to see as he has been a great Minnesota Basketball icon.


The PS3 keypad

I picked this accessory up last week as over the Christmas break with my 360 being dead I was putting in a lot of time on my PS3 (SOCOM, Warhawk, LBP and Pacific Rift). With the lack of being able to use voice chat with friends from the XMB while in game and people sending me messages asking which game I was in, etc I found quickly that a keyboard would save A LOT time.
Anyhow, it’s nice to be able to rattle off messages quickly and the web browsing is much more desirable when going to non-bookmarked addresses. The cursor mode is really pretty cool, the keyboard becomes a touchpad like a laptop which again while browsing is pretty slick!
The only drawbacks are the price of $50 and the lack of backlighting on the keyboard that my XBOX Live! Messenger has.
This keypad can also be trained up with other devices as a keyboard. Hmm, I should try with my Touch Pro but I really don’t know what good that would be except for geeking out 🙂