NFL Sunday Ticket

I’ve had DirecTV for almost 10 years and have always been curious about the NFL Sunday Ticket. So, last week I called DTV and asked them for ST for free like new customers get. They agreed to provide this to me along with the SuperFan package. Today I was able to give it a run with my television, laptop, and BlackBerry! All that I can say is that it is one cool experience!!!

I had Brian and Dan over and during the commercials of the Vikings game we watched the “Mix” channel which showed us eight other games being played.
We also would sometimes bounce over to the RedZone channel that allowed us to watch all of the scoring of any game. When two games were looking to score, they would switch to split screen and if they missed a quick score they would replay it for us.
There are other capabilities to plug in fantasy team players and show the stats for only your players but I haven’t played with that yet.
I now have the ability to watch NFL games on my computer anywhere and even my BlackBerry via the SuperCast applications. For Sunday night and Monday night games I can use my Slingbox. In addition, I can listen to all games on my Sprint phone and watch the NFL Network based games on my phone. I guess that I am pretty well covered this year 🙂
DirecTV has taken the NFL game to a whole new level when watching from home!