It’s about time! XM Streaming on the Blackberry

I saw on Blackberry Cool today that there will finally be an application for SiriusXM on the Blackberry platform that aligns with their online streaming lineup. For a couple of years they have offered a streaming application that only offered certain channels and wasn’t inclusive of an XM subscription.

This will be great for the days that I forget my radio in the car or want to listen to O&A on the go! Hopefully SiriusXM follows soon with an Android application!!


Eye of Judgement

I played EOJ with my friend Jay from Alabama tonight. It’s been a long time since I have played this game. Jay and I played two games and we split. He wanted the rubber match but I decided I should get some sleep 😉 Jay, we’ll finish the series soon!

I recommend this game for anyone that enjoys strategic games. Don’t let the look of the game deceive you. If you like chess, you’ll likely get into EOJ.

The have seen the game and camera combo for under $50 on sale. I think that Jay bought it for around $40! It’s well worth it even for the camera alone if you are interested in video conferencing on your PS3.


Happy New Year!!!!

A great time with friends on New Years. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera out to take pictures of others but managed to get a classic picture with Justin and his tongue. I’m glad that he and Brian made it over from Farmtown!!