RSS Graffiti for Facebook

For a year or so I have been playing around with RSS options to syndicate blog posts on my sites to my Facebook profile and I have had mixed results.

I started with the “newsfeed” function within Facebook and I was limited to only one of my sites. It performed well for posting the body of my blog post and even showed the pictures in the post. I was frustrated though because I was limited to one site.

I then found TwitterFeed which was nice because it could syndicate both of my blogs to Facebook and Twitter. The problem with TwitterFeed is that it limits the body of the post in Facebook to accommodate the 140 character limit of Twitter. It also did not include any pictures in the post so users had to click on the title link to then get to my blog to read the post.

Tonight I was searching Google for another method to do this and thankfully there is an application out there called RSS Graffiti. This application allows me to add multiple blogs. I can even add to the title to designate what the source is. The application offers many options for presenting a users blog posts in Facebook and even a preview like the one below.

If you run multiple blogs and want them on Facebook, check this application out!

Slacker 3.0 for Blackberry released!

If you have a Blackberry and haven’t tried Slacker yet, you are missing out. Slacker is a great streaming music and comedy service that exists on many mobile platforms.

Carolyn uses Slacker when she’s working out at the club. She already has her Blackberry Curve with her and brings earbuds.

This new version allows caching of stations to your device over wireless connections. Previously, users had to connect to their PC to achieve this. This feature does require a “Plus” subscription.

Slacker offers a great customized listening experience and excellent comedy content (unlike Pandora). Point your BB browser to to download the application.


XM Sirius Blackberry Application

I woke this morning and saw that SiriusXM has finally released a Blackberry application!! I haven’t had this capability since my Windows Mobile devices via 3rd party apps. Unfortunately, it seems that they require a Premium subscription to use this application. So far so good after only 20 minutes of use!

** I used the app extensively today and it works very well!

The app can be downloaded here.