A tour of Target Field

What an awesome morning! I was able to go on a tour of Target Field. We were able to go into the visitors locker room, dugout, bullpen and walk around the warning track of the field.

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Our Delta Sky 360 Club area was pretty cool. The picture on the right is one of the suites that can be bought on a per game basis.

The floor here on the left is inside of one of the clubs and is the floor from the Minneapolis Lakers court! They have various bar areas dedicated to players, the two pictures to the right are dedicated to Kirby.

The Legends Club is below, the carpet has Twin’s logos and the wall has Twin’s logos etched in the wood. Pretty classy!

The real treat was going into the visitors locker room which is double the size of the Twin’s locker room in the dome. It is however half the size of the Twin’s new locker room. I am seated on the visitors bench and I had to call the bullpen for some relief 🙂

Being on the field was awesome! I was able to see the World Series Trophy’s as well!!

Need some dirt? Checkout the door to the clubhouse…

Delta Jet Pull for the American Cancer Society

Our team of 20 Delta IT employees raised over $2,000 for the American Society for an opportunity to compete and pull a Boeing 757 25 feet. This picture is of one of the other teams pulling. It’s a beautiful day in ATL!


**Update – We pulled the plane 25′ in 13.0 seconds. When we left the competition the best time was 10.7 seconds. There were nearly 30 teams and I heard the top money raising team gathered $6,100!

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Pictures from the Twin’s game

Tonight was an awesome experience, we had good seats during the game and a great sunset to take pictures of the downtown landscape.

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Walking into the park was great, open air, the field is easily seen while you are walking around, and for those colder days there are heaters hanging from the ceiling


We watched the FSN crew setup and later broadcast. According to Dan, the people in the middle photo are Joe Mauer’s parents. I cannot do justice to the screen, it is an awesome site, the picture is unbelievable!!


The field was beautiful…


My favorite part of the night was watching the city light up with different colors as the sun set…


The National Anthem from tonight’s game

Thanks again to Dan for inviting me to the game!!