Unrevoked Forever

I admit, I was so excited about Froyo on my EVO that I loaded it and gave up my rooted device. I have now used the 2.2 root method provided here and am setup once again with a rooted EVO. Being able to perform screen captures for little app reviews is nice among other benefits.

I have also loaded a new kernel that allows my EVO to achieve higher frames per second (FPS) which has offered a substantial graphics performance increase.

I look forward to trying out some other ROM options like CyanogenMod but with 4G around the corner in our market I will wait until that ROM has 4G capabilities.

Sprint Airave 3G – Airvana Access Point

I received the new 3G Airave from Sprint today. I must say, there is not much of a need for me to turn on Wi-Fi on my phone with this thing running. The below speed tests are from the Airave over my Comcast connection. This is certainly a nice change over the original model that only offered 1x data where my devices would still reach out to local towers and eat up battery. I look forward to seeing what kind of battery savings that I realize with a strong data signal in our home. The real kicker would be having broadband at the cabin and putting this thing to use when needed.

I am very curious to see what Sprint does with the VOIP capabilities that this device offers. It would be nice to consolidate my phones to a single bill but it might be difficult for them to beat our the feature set and pricing that I currently have with another VOIP carrier. This functionality will offer Sprint another revenue stream and likely be a great way to lure people from traditional phone lines.

So far, the new Airave is showing our location correctly on Google Latitude unlike the previous model that showed me a couple of cities away.

I still have 4G in my neighborhood in case Comcast goes down… 🙂

The new Airvana model all ready to go.

4G in my neighborhood!!

OK, so I am a geek who drives around town with my EVO 4G radio turned on and noticed today when I pulled into our neighborhood that I had a 4G signal. It’s not very strong at my house but just down the street with 1-2 bars I was able to get some pretty incredible speeds…