NASCAR at Chicagoland Speedway

Last weekend I attended my first NASCAR race in Joliet, IL. Sean joined me and we took the camper down and camped at the track. It was great to meet others at the campsite and the races. Everyone was very kind, we were given tickets for the Friday night race, we were invited to the Miller Lite deck for a great track view and drinks, and given a pit tour. Sean was even in a Speed Network spelling contest on stage 🙂

The Sprint Cup race was pretty intense, cars were running out of fuel on the last lap and a bunch of cars fell out of the top 10. The roar of the cars is pretty awesome, much louder than I ever thought!

We had a great time and hope to make another trip next year with more friends.

Friday pictures|Saturday pictures|Sunday & Monday pictures


On pit lane

Sean and I getting setup after the drive to Joliet

Hanging with Miss Sprint Cup

Sean in the spelling contest

The start of the Sprint race

Review if the Seidio 4000 mAh battery for the EVO 3D

Just as I did for my EVO 4G, I have purchased Seidio’s extended battery for the EVO 3D. With multiple push email accounts, phone usage, and applications updating in the background I enjoy having the extra capacity. I do not mind the extra bulk as my phone is a tool and not a fashion item.

This battery easily gets me through the busiest of days and even takes a beating on the airplane when I browse on GoGo WiFi and watch movies.

If you do not like to worry about battery swapping or having enough juice to get you through the day, this is a great purchase.

For those who like the size of the EVO 3D as is, there are other options such as Juice Defender which can double your battery life at the expense of turning off your data when the screen of the phone is off.