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A review of canvas prints from Walmart

I ordered a canvas from Walmart for Carolyn for Mother’s Day this year. They had their 16×20 framed print ‘rolled back’ for only $30 with same day pickup. Carolyn wanted some flower pictures that we took from Hawaii and so she picked the picture below which has some great contrast. When I picked up the print I was very happy to see the quality of the print and the ‘pop’ of the colors. I even received an inquiry as to where the picture was taken and a compliment on the picture 🙂 The only little thing that bothered me was that the canvas was not wrapped to the back of the frame as I have seen in the past with other purchases.

I will order again from Walmart in the future and am very happy with our purchase. Walmart is offering good quality at a reasonable price.

The canvas print – my phone is not doing the colors justice
2013-05-22 21.03.55

Original picture

The back of the canvas – Notice that the canvas material is not wrapped around the back of the frame
2013-05-22 21.04.36

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thanks for sharing this … getting ready to do something as a gift and this was helpful information.

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