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Justin is working towards being “spotlight dude”

He continues to work on his form, Brian and I are very proud of him as he continues to improve his spotlight skills. Hopefully one day he’ll really get to stand behind the mighty spotlight and work his figure eights, BIG circles and maybe even bust out the very difficult zig-zags!

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I love my Treo…

I use my Treo 700wx for everything!

  • I have push email with Exchange
  • FTP access
  • I can post pictures/vids to my blogs
  • GPS abilities
  • Access to my Slingbox!
  • Browser
  • RSS reader
  • XM Radio Online access
  • Up to date weather
  • Real time traffic info

I have had this device for months now and I use it for so much. I could never go back to “just a phone” 🙂


Nice WordPress checklist

Nice ideas and links to plugins such as “intouch”


Tech Video Games

PS3 Blue-Ray DVD remote

I’ve been looking for this in stores for about a week and tonight I bought the last one at the local Best Buy store for $24.99.
There are other solutions out there where you can get the USB PS2 adapter and the PS2 remote to work on the PS3 but I didn’t want to miss out on any BD functionality. This remote uses Bluetooth which is cool and irritatating since I can not use my big Sony learning remote. This remote is extremely light just like the PS3 controllers.

I apologize for the bad pictures. I was lazy and used my Treo to take them and make this post 🙂
I look forward to having complete control over my BD experience!


Tech Video Games

Look Mom! I’m in a video game!

Pretty good looking soldier.



My personal blog…

I started up the family’s blog a couple of months back but didn’t have an appropriate place to put pictures from parties, jokes that I like, etc so I decided to put on here for MY stuff.