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I pulled up my speedometer on my phone on a flight the other day…



Delta Jet Pull for the American Cancer Society

Our team of 20 Delta IT employees raised over $2,000 for the American Society for an opportunity to compete and pull a Boeing 757 25 feet. This picture is of one of the other teams pulling. It’s a beautiful day in ATL!


**Update – We pulled the plane 25′ in 13.0 seconds. When we left the competition the best time was 10.7 seconds. There were nearly 30 teams and I heard the top money raising team gathered $6,100!

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Aviation Tech

Wi-Fi on the plane rocks!

I am flying home from Atlanta and hooked up to the Go-Go Wi-Fi service offered on some Delta flights. After checking my work email, personal email, texting Carolyn through Google Voice, and finishing some homework I have been enjoying ESPN via my Slingbox. Too cool! BTW, I was listening to streaming Slacker while I was doing everything prior to the Slingbox.

This is the way to fly!!!


Quite a process – the repainting of an NWA 747 to the Delta livery

Thanks to Justin for pointing me to this…


First NWA plane to get a new paint job…

Well, here is is…  our first converted plane.  As I understand it this is Delta’s first 747 for over 20 years so that’s pretty cool!

Thanks to Justin for the pictures (

Aviation Friends

Delta’s breast cancer awareness plane comes to MSP

A few of us went over to the hangars to see the Pink Delta 757. There was quite the crowd today and a great show of support!  Here is a link to Justin’s pictures.





Aviation Sports

Justin and I checkout our new NBA charter plane…

The seats were different than our regular business class seats.  They are very nice!  Notice the brown chairs for the coaches with the raising table.  The swivel out and turn around.  The tray’s even fold up to hold a magazine or book for you.


NWA/Delta Merger

I’m receiving a lot of emails this morning in regards to the merger and I appreciate everyone’s concern.

I really don’t know more that what can be read in the papers at this point.

Here’s what I do know:

  • The CEO will be Richard Anderson
  • The name of the merged company will be Delta
  • The corporate headquarters will be in Atlanta
  • They’re telling us that there will still be offices in Minneapolis.

My job isn’t at risk right now. This is a long process that requires DOJ and shareholder approval. This process will take about 6-8 months to complete. At that point I should have a better idea of what my future will be. There’s a good chance that they keep a good amount of our technology staff in Eagan.

Thanks again for your concern.


The Airbus A380 comes to MSP

**Updated – I now have pictures from the landing and some pictures from the inside of the A380.


I wasn’t one of the few to be selected to take a tour of the inside or take a flight on this beast but I did get a chance to tour the outside of the A380.
They had police tape all the way around. While this aircraft is large it doesn’t seem any longer than a 747. With the two full floors it’s definitely a bit chubby.
The pictures really don’t do it justice. Look at it next to the AirTran though 🙂




main (2).jpg


Our new Compass Airlines ERJ’s

Justin and I took some time today to go and checkout the new ERJ’s that Compass is going to fly. They are really nice little planes! Click on the pictures to link into the gallery.  Additional pics can be found on Justin’s site…