Forget something at home when traveling? PrimeNow from Amazon to the rescue

Recently I attended a conference in Las Vegas. On the first morning of the conference, I discovered that I forgot my belt. At first I looked for a Jos A Bank store that I could have used Uber to get to and from my hotel, then I thought that maybe I could find one in a local shop in the many stores in the ‘malls’ of the casinos, and finally it dawned on me that I could use PrimeNow from Amazon. I opened the application, searched for belts, found one that I liked, and added it to my cart. In this instance the belt was $19.99 which did not meet the $20 requirement, no problem I thought, so I added some gum 🙂

I did all of this at 8am and my order was scheduled for delivery to the hotel between 10am and noon. I left comments for the driver to call me when he was within 20 minutes of a hotel and we met in the main entrance where he handed me a paper bad and drove off. I had my belt at 10:30am and it turned out to cost a lot less than traveling somewhere to get one or over paying in the ‘malls’ of Vegas.

Thanks Amazon!!

Gunnar Glasses Review

I visited my optometrist before the end of the year to burn up my remaining flex dollars. After my eye exam and the good news that my vision is still good with no real reason to get prescription glasses, I explained that I have been suffering from headaches at work. Starring at my screen for a good part of the day and having florescent bulbs overhead tweaks my eyes out and I would go home with headaches a few times a week. The doctor told me to ‘hear her out’ and began to explain that there are glasses that were developed for ‘gamers’ who play games for many hours at a time and that they have had good results with professionals with eye strain related to computer use.

The doctor handed me off to a sales person who lead me to a case with a variety of glasses with a yellow tint to them. He began to explain to me a coating that blocks some of the light and how the yellow helps to soften the colors on my computer screen. I decided to pickup a pair figuring that anything was worth a try. I tried on a few pairs of these glasses and settled on the Emissary model. By default I was told that these glasses have half of the power of the lowest reading ‘cheaters’ but that they are also available via prescription as well.

After two weeks of use, I am happy to report that I have not went home with a headache! In fact, I felt a headache coming on during an all day meeting in a room with florescent lighting, I put my new glasses on and avoided it. I now find it interesting that when I take my Gunnars off at work, my screen seems very LOUD to my eyes.

While at the office, I do get plenty of questions about my yellow tinted glasses. Hopefully at least one person that I educate about Gunnars can help themselves avoid headaches.

XM no longer going to be on DirecTV

This is just another nail in the coffin for Sirius/XM in my mind. Mel seems to be driving the company more and more away from every outlet possible.

I’ve had XM since 2001 and the only reason that I still have their service is for Opie & Anthony. My contract is up in February and I doubt I will re-up because of the new music royalty fees.

It has been sad seeing such a promising platform slowly become irrelevant. Many of my friends have already cancelled.

SonicTap to replace XM on DIRECTV in February. Discussion here: