2014 Chicagoland Speedway NASCAR weekend

In September Dan, Sean, and I went to Chicagoland speedway for a very fun weekend of camping, racing, and making friends. We lucked out and won a Sprint VIP experience which allowed us into the pits and saw both cars and drivers up close. It was a really good time!

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Hanging out with Miss Sprint Cup


In the pits

Our camping buddies – we ‘adopted’ a college track team that was tenting between us and our neighbors.

It got a little crazy when we wheeled our fire pit into the street and people just started gathering 🙂

NASCAR at Chicagoland Speedway

Last weekend I attended my first NASCAR race in Joliet, IL. Sean joined me and we took the camper down and camped at the track. It was great to meet others at the campsite and the races. Everyone was very kind, we were given tickets for the Friday night race, we were invited to the Miller Lite deck for a great track view and drinks, and given a pit tour. Sean was even in a Speed Network spelling contest on stage 🙂

The Sprint Cup race was pretty intense, cars were running out of fuel on the last lap and a bunch of cars fell out of the top 10. The roar of the cars is pretty awesome, much louder than I ever thought!

We had a great time and hope to make another trip next year with more friends.

Friday pictures|Saturday pictures|Sunday & Monday pictures


On pit lane

Sean and I getting setup after the drive to Joliet

Hanging with Miss Sprint Cup

Sean in the spelling contest

The start of the Sprint race

Vikings game

Today I joined a few of my classmates for the Vikings game. We met Ed Hochuli, Wally the beer man, and the Vikings won :)  A great day!

The Metrodome has implemented some new technology that allows people to watch replays and other NFL games, very cool!

Thanks Paul!


NFL Sunday + Sprint 4G + Slingbox = WOW!

Since the Vikings have already played this week I am not planted in front of the TV today. 🙂 Our family has been enjoying a beautiful day.

I have been enjoying some football though. While the girls are in a shop Joey and I are hanging in the car watching football on my EVO 4G. The 4G bandwidth is so nice to have, my Slingbox has not stuttered once!